CAIN 2012 - Trendies Panic

2010 Campaign Update

    At this time last year if you Google’d “Richard Cain”, the top result was a reference to a former Chicago cop, turned mobster, with ties to the JFK assassination (Hmm, what big name politician has ties to Chicago, and feels threatened by my campaign?).  A week after I announced my candidacy on my web site ( in January of 2010, Barack Obama was already referring to himself as a “one term” president.  We also saw a well known republican begin to make attempts to ride my success by generating his own campaign.  Who was he?  Herman Cain!  Yes the well known syndicated columnist and radio talk show host, began a campaign shortly after my announcement and success at rattling the current administration, obviously hoping that people would recognize his celebrity and associate my campaign with him.  Will it work?  I DON’T THINK SO!  (Try searching for “richard cain 2012” on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, now.)

    My campaign web site is currently at just over three hundred fifty hits.  Who is checking it out?  Well less than twenty-four hours after my first interview was posted on my campaign web site ( CNN political analysts had already began paraphrasing my ideas, without giving the credit where credit is due of course!  Even a prominent politician sought to gain notoriety by partially adopting my “tax reform” idea, to deal with the Bush era tax breaks impasse in Congress.  Do I see a problem with this?  No.  When the media do finally have to recognize my campaign, without the “expected” payments made to purchase the campaign coverage, it will all come out and the American people will recognize the faults in the campaign process as it now stands, and why we have to correct our corrupt political processes so that all of the American people are represented in Washington, not just the wealthy few and big business interests.

    The first question people always ask me when they find out I’m running for President is, “Do you think you can win?”  And of course there is that look I always get.  After all I’m not famous, or wealthy, or a prominent politician, the things that people usually associate with being a candidate for President.  But then most people had never heard of Barack Obama, and they didn’t think he stood a chance of becoming President either, before 2008.  I believe there were eight candidates in the 2008 Presidential election.  Most people only recognized the Republican and Democratic candidates, because they got the most publicity as a result of the “billions” they spent on their campaigns.  With that said, if there are eight other candidates in 2012, I would have a one in nine chance of winning.  Of course the probability of me winning is rather low, because I am not spending billions on publicity!  Now on the other hand, if I did not run my chance of winning would be zero, and the probability of winning would be zero as well.  Can I do anything to save this country by not running?  No.  However, even if I don’t win the election, I can still accomplish something by taking a stand, and hopefully educating as many people as possible during the campaign so that they can make a better choice in 2012, and in the future.  This education process will at least improve this nations chances “for” a future, and hopefully getting people motivated toward changing our election processes to eliminate the corruption that has currently got a strangle hold on our government.

    Barack Obama spent roughly sixteen billion on his campaign in 2008, and John McCain spent almost as much.  That is roughly thirty billion that was spent to elect a puppet for either the Democratic or Republican parties.  A puppet that when elected, would not do anything to correct the issues that face this nation, which affect the majority of Americans, including the election process.  A puppet whose primary purpose is to maintain the status of the wealthy few and the political elite, at the expense of working class Americans.  When you consider that amount of money, consider how many homeless that would feed, clothe, and provide shelter for.  Consider how many people that would provide health care for, without placing the burden on America’s working class.  Consider where the majority of those campaign funds came from, and why those making the large contributions don’t want to pay higher taxes.  It’s easy, higher taxes would force them to pay their fare share, while the campaign donations purchase them a candidate and allow them to hold on to more of the wealth they earn on the backs of the working class Americans!

    If you are wondering what you can do to help my campaign and America’s future, it’s easy.  I don’t want your money, just your support and your help to educate America.  It’s not as hard as you might think, all you have to do is spread the word.  To do that I ask that you simply make two easy changes to things you do on a daily basis.  First, instead of saying “hello”, “good morning”, or “how are you”, say “vote for Rick Cain in 2012”, as your greeting.  Second, instead of saying “goodbye”, “so long”, or “have a nice day”, say “Trendies Panic”, as your farewell.  You can say this with people you know, strangers you meet on the street, and when you answer the telephone.  When they ask who I am, just send them to my web site  The first step is to make people aware of the problems that this country faces and then provide them with viable solutions.  Even if one of the purchased candidates should by some “disastrous” event win the election, that candidate will have to put forth the solutions that the American people stand behind.  We saw this work in 2010 when the “Tea Party” candidates upset the status quo and knocked the current administration to its knees, and brought about year three of Bush/Obama.  We can do it again in 2012, by knocking both of the current “purchased” political parties to their knees, and keeping them there!

    In 2008, Barack Obama won the Presidential election by running around the county shouting “Yes we can!”, and saying nothing of substance.  In 2012, let’s take back America by providing a way to save this country and shouting even louder “Trendies Panic!”

“Fight for America!”

Richard N. Cain