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2012 Campaign Update

America’s Last Best Hope --- DENIED!

Unless you went to bed real early last night and haven’t heard the news this morning, you know that I did not win the election and to become the next President of the United States of America.  However, I still consider my campaign mostly a SUCCESS!  Below were my Objectives for this campaign, and I clearly met the majority of them.  As for re-elected President Barack Obama, he now has to come FORWARD and prove that Obamacare will not cost the American people one dime!  That will be difficult since the majority of working Americans are already picking up the tab of approximately $4500 a year or more because their employers have increased the amount that they have to pay.  He now has to improve the economy, and pay off the 16 Trillion of national debt (over twice the amount he “inherited”), without increasing taxes on “working class” Americans!  Good luck with living up to these “campaign” promises Mr. President! 

My Objectives:

Overall Success rate:  95%

Get the Democrats and Republicans out of the Whitehouse:

Success rate:  50%

Well, no doubt you have already seen the results of this one!

Not spend other people’s money to get elected:

Success rate:  100%

At no time did I solicit or receive monetary funds from other people to support my campaign.

Get the most out of every dollar spent on my campaign:

Success rate:  100%

Every penny I spent on my campaign was tax deductible.  All of my campaign buttons were contributions to the American Cancer Society.  The bumper stickers and coffee mugs were also birthday and Christmas presents!  Think frugal, frugal, frugal!!!

Not make campaign promises that I couldn’t keep (aka Lies to get elected):

Success rate:  100%

I did not make a single campaign promise to win this election.  No other candidate can say the same!

Educate and provide as much influence as possible for the 2012 election:

Success rate 100%

During the primaries I had hits on my website that could be traced to the headquarters of every single Republican candidate, and Washington DC.  I received requests from two “Tea Party” candidates for support during the primaries, and a letter from the Chairman of the RNC asking me to take a lead in the Republican effort in Oregon (at the time I assumed this was just a letter that was sent to everyone in Oregon, but I haven’t had anyone else tell me that they got one!).  Several prominent politicians began quoting from my “Interview with a Candidate” and my platform page (without giving credit where credit is due of course!).  The very first hit on my website on January 1st, 2012, was from Wasilla Alaska!  With over a million hits total on my website during this campaign, including 50 foreign countries, I think it’s safe to say I did at least have some influence!

Earn the right to say “I told you so!” in the future when people complain about politics and the direction the country is taking:

Success rate 120%

‘Nuff said!!!

Richard N. Cain