CAIN 2012 - Trendies Panic

There are several websites that list the Candidates for the United States Presidential campaign in 2012, but they are either incomplete or severely biased.  One thing that they all appear to share in common, is their tendency to list the “potential” candidates.  I believe that this is just a distraction that is meant to confuse the public and allow them to steer voters toward a particular candidate.  On this page I have two lists.  The Candidates that have actually announced that they are running, and the potential candidates that are waiting to see if they can get enough of “Other Peoples Money” to finance their campaign.  If you know of someone that has made their announcement and is not listed, please let me know by emailing me with their name, and an official campaign website or some other means to verify they are running, so that I can add them to the list below.  Thanks! 

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Find out who has filed their “FORM 2” with the FEC: 

FEC Candidate List


  1. Joe Schriner, Independent, January 14, 2009,

  1. Richard N. Cain, Independent, January 2010,

  1. Fred Karger, Republican, August 2010,

  2. (Switched to Independent and was the top candidate for Americans Elect before they dropped out)

  1. Stewart Alexander, Socialist & Green Parties, August 2010, <No Website Available>

  1. Robert "Naked Cowboy" Burck, Independent, September 29, 2010,

         (Advertisement for the Naked Cowboy Franchise)

  1. Jimmy McMillan, Republican, December 23, 2010,

  1. Randall A. Terry, Democrat, January 2011,

         (Advertisement for The Terry Randall Show)

  1. Barack Obama, Democrat, April 2011,

  1. Gary Johnson, Republican, April 2011,

  2. Gary Johnson, Libertarian, April 2011,

  1. Newt Gingrich, Republican, March 3, 2011,

  1. Ron Paul, Republican, April 26, 2011,

  2. (No longer actively campaigning)

  1. Herman Cain, Republican, May 21, 2011,

  1. Tim Pawlenty, Republican, May 23, 2011,

  1. Mitt Romney, Republican, June 2, 2011,

  1. Rick Santorum, Republican, June 6, 2011, 

  1. Michele Bachmann, Republican, June 13, 2011,

  1. Jon Huntsman, Republican, June 21, 2011, 

  1. Thad McCotter, Republican, July 2, 2011,

  1. Buddy Roemer, Republican, July 21, 2011, 

  1. Rick Perry, Republican, August 13, 2011, 

  1. Jill Stein, Green Party, Unknown, 

  1. Roseanne Barr, Green Party, 3 February 2012,

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