CAIN 2012 - Trendies Panic

Farewell, Herman Cain.


Farewell to the 2012 Presidential campaign, and what has proven to be an interesting and enlightening campaign so far.  Along with the humor that you brought to the GOP campaign, we have also learned more about the “Tea Party” and their vision for America. 

We have learned that for the Tea Party “Freedom of Religion” only applies to the established “Christian” religions, all others are not welcome in their America.  The new age Christian religions such as the Mormons are just “cults” because their founder claimed that aliens delivered their sacred documents, and yet the “Tea Party” candidates want to teach “Intelligent Design” in our schools, which by the way says that an “Alien entity” seeded the earth with programmed DNA that resulted in humanity.  Really, have they forgotten that all Christianity was considered a cult 2000 years ago?

We have learned that no matter what their impoverished background, the wealthy are still only interested in retaining their wealth, and putting the burden of the government on the working class Americans while they control it (9-9-9 and all the other “tax” policies presented by the Tea Party favorites favor the wealthy at the expense of working Americans).

We have learned that purchased friendship is only good while the money continues to flow, a good incentive for re-evaluating our foreign aid policies and those that implement them.

Finally, while the Obama administration has taught us that America is not inclined to be governed by a Socialist regime, the Tea Party is teaching us that America is not inclined to be dominated by a faux religious order either.  Americans still value our Freedom!

Farewell to the campaign.

Richard Cain