CAIN 2012 - Trendies Panic

Welcome, Herman Cain.


Welcome to the 2012 Presidential campaign, and what I expect to be one of the most exciting presidential campaigns of the twenty first century.  I look forward to the insightful flow of new ideas to correct the problems facing this nation, and I welcome the civil debates to come over the next two years.  We were promised change in 2008, yet the little change we received was not for the best interest of this nation, but rather to build on a quest and legacy of celebrity.  The best thing to come out of the 2008 election was the eye opening education that the American voters received.  A new era has arrived, and the American people will no longer accept the rhetoric and empty promises of politicians past.  They want to hear viable ideas that will work for all Americans, not just the wealthy elite or select few.  Over the next two years as we campaign, we will have the opportunity and responsibility, to make sure that the American people are not let down again by educating the voters on the needs of this country, and when necessary, exposing the misleading rhetoric offered by those old school politicians seeking personal gain at the expense of the American people. 

Welcome to the campaign.

Rick Cain

Herman has requested that people Google “Herman Cain”.  Apparently, if you Google “CAIN 2012” it still brings up my site first!!!