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My name is Richard Cain and I am announcing my Independent candidacy for President of the United States, in the 2012 general election.  I know it’s a bit early, only a year into the current administration, but my campaign will be a little bit different from the other candidates.  I’ll go into more detail on that later, but first I’d like to tell you a little bit more about who I am.

Short Bio

I was born and grew up in poverty here in the United States.  Unlike the other candidates, I don’t have to over come the misguided idea that all Americans are rich, nor do I feel entitled because I come from a wealthy family.  Both my parents worked hard when I was growing up, often working more than twelve hours a day, just to get overtime pay in order to make ends meet.  I didn’t sit around while my parents did all the work.  My siblings and I also worked in the garden to help grow much of the food that we ate.  Life in America has never been easy, if you are one of the many not born to wealth.

I took the oath of enlistment in the United States Air Force on my seventeenth birthday, and served for the next twenty years and one month until I retired on the 1st of December 1997.  For the next year I worked only my part time business before taking a position with the Indian Health Service.  I worked there for just under three years before moving on to the position that I have held for the past eight years in a nonprofit civilian health care corporation. 

I’m still not wealthy, but I am better off now than when I came into this world.  I didn’t get there by winning the lottery, inheriting a fortune, or taking advantage or others.  I got where I am with hard work, and a determination to leave my children and grandchildren, with more than I had growing up.  I used the G.I. Bill that I earned from my service in the Air Force, to further my education, and in 2007 received my Masters of Information Systems degree.  It wasn’t easy.  I worked full time, while going to school full time, as a single parent of an autistic child.

The United States of America has been a land of opportunity for me, and I would like for it to continue to be a land of opportunity for others as well.  That’s why I am running for President of the United States.  Now I would like to explain how the campaign process works.

Overview of the Campaign Process

Normally, a candidate starts off by forming an exploratory committee to determine if they will be able to generate enough support to run an effective campaign.  An effective campaign means the ability to raise enough money to get elected by spending as little of their own money as possible.  In other words, they don’t want to take the risk of going broke for their effort.  Politics in America has become a big business, so just like any other corporation the candidates prefer to use other people’s money!

After they make their announcement, and raise their starting capitol, they hire a Public Relations firm to begin the process of establishing their public recognition.  This also requires that they begin the process of seeking contributions from the public to finance their campaign (remember, other people’s money).  The PR firm will conduct surveys over the phone.  These surveys are carefully worded to find out what people in your location are concerned about most, and to mislead you into thinking the other candidates don’t support your views.   Of course, they also want to nudge you into making a monetary donation when you receive the next call for contributions.  A monetary contribution is important to the candidate, because it gets you to “buy” into that candidate’s campaign.  Once you’ve made a contribution to a campaign, you are less likely to bet on another horse!

Now the candidate will hire speech writers to prepare his speeches, with careful consideration to the area that the candidate will be visiting when the candidate goes on tour, so that the candidate says what the most people want to hear in that area.  The reason is simple; there will be news coverage at the rallies, which will make the evening news.  The sound bites broadcast on the news will not cover the entire speech, but that’s okay, the candidate is more interested in the applause because that’s what people will remember.  Everyone else likes this candidate!  The candidate may, and probably will, say something entirely different at another location, but all people will remember is the applause on the news, not the substance of what the candidate is saying.  The applause helps the candidate convert others by working on the mass hysteria. This process works well for most candidates.

The adoration of the crowds and the money raised from contributions feeds their ego, and prepares them for office by getting them used to the idea of spending other people’s money.  Once elected, they will continue their spending spree, like a trophy spouse with a brand new set of unlimited credit cards!  And thus, the status quo of irresponsible governing continues.  My campaign will be different from the established process.

My Campaign Process

Unlike the other candidates I will not be forming an exploratory committee to see if I can get elected, hiring a PR firm to conduct annoying surveys, or speech writers to tell me what to say.  I will not be seeking monetary contributions from the public or private sector.  I will not be going on tour like a “rock star”, and you probably will not see me on the evening news, because the news is only interested in who will bring in the ratings, without the crowds there will be no incentive for the news to report about my campaign.  Without the adoring crowds and stuffed campaign coffers, I won’t become accustomed to spending other people’s money.  This will give me an advantage over the other candidates when I am elected, because I will be able to finally bring fiscal responsibility to the White House.  Something that we are not used to seeing in Washington!

My campaign depends entirely on you, and your willingness to spread the word that we can no longer look the other way, while elected officials in Washington continue to send this nation deeper in debt with no accountability.  When you get those annoying political survey calls, tell them you’ll make your voice heard on Election Day.  Don’t give them the information they need to con the American voters again.  When you get those calls and letters asking for contributions, tell them you’ll make your contribution on Election Day.  Don’t enable them to continue their fiscal irresponsibility with your tax dollars.  When it comes time for the debates, write the debate committees and tell them you want to hear from all the candidates, not just the status quo.  If you have extra money, donate to a charity or leave it in the bank.  If one of the “trendy” candidates gets elected, you’ll need it!  One final thought in closing. 


As an average American, I feel the next three years of this campaign will be a journey, not just for me, but for all Americans.  We the people will have an opportunity in 2012 to change the direction this country is taking.  Listen to what all the candidates have to say, not just the sound bites on the evening news, and not just what they say when they campaign in your area.  Find out what they are saying in other areas as well, and if they are not saying the same thing you know you can’t trust them in Washington.  Ask questions!  How will they do this?  How will they do that?  How will they do the other thing?  If they can’t provide specific details on how they will accomplish something, they are just saying what they think people want to hear.  With your vote we can send a message to Washington, and with your support, I’ll deliver that message in person!

Thank you for your confidence and support!

Richard N. Cain

“Trendies Panic!”

Till we can have REAL Change in Washington.



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There is still hope for America. But you won’t find it in the dreams, desires, or visions, of politicians.  You have to look to your own heart, and make sure your vote counts to elect someone that believes as you do.  Someone that truly believes, in the “American Dream”…

Richard N. Cain

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